Photo: Camilla Damgård/Maihaugen

Look through the doors to historical houses

17. October

18. May

All day

All year you find open doors to some of Maihaugen's historical houses. You can not enter, but may have a peek through the door.

A walk around the open-air museum is a travel back in time. Both the Rural collection, the Town and the Residential area have some houses with open doors you can look through. 

There are also some open exhibitions in the open-air museum.

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The Rural collection

  • Mytting. Beautiful wall paintings and interior from the 1700s. 
  • The School. Experience school around 1866.

The Town

The Residential area

  • The house from the 1920s. The colorful walls inside this log building are typical for the 1920s.
  • Telephone booth. A gem from the 1930s of functionalism. Here, big and small news were exchanged until the last ring in 2015.

Inside the house from the 1920s. Photo: Audbjørn Rønning/Maihaugen