Toppbilde_frimerke_Friluftsliv i minaiatyr_ Anders Beer Wilse, Norsk folkemuseum
Photo: Anders Beer Wilse/Norsk folkemuseum

Norwegian stamps – the outdoor pursuits in miniature

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1 June 2015 – 31. May 2016

Exhibition of stamps as part of the ”Outdoor Recreation Year”.

This exhibition made by the Post Museum, displays Norwegian Stamps with designs related to the theme, and illustrates a wide range of outdoor activities. In addition, the exhibition explores several designs from Norway's rich flora and fauna. 
The exhibition shows the beautiful and varied landscape of Norway through stamps which are geographically located on a map. Items that are related to different motives are also showcased.
The exhibition consists of well over a hundred stamps. It is a mix of new and old stamps, where all decades from the 1930s are represented.


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