Korgutstilling, foto: Catrine Kildemo
Photo: Catrine Kildemo / Maihaugen

Norwegian basketry traditions

15 December 2023–3 March 2024

All day

Basket maker Hege Iren Aasdal pays tribute to Norwegian basket traditions in this exhibition and shows the diversity of baskets, techniques and materials.

Korger, foto: Catrine Kildemo / Maihaugen

Photo: Catrine Kildemo / Maihaugen

Basket traditions

The exhibition contains a selection of basket types woven according to tradition from different parts of the country.

Aasdal has a craft certificate in basket making and for three years held a scholarship at the Norwegian Crafts Institute. For the past five years, she has worked especially with traditional baskets made from split material. As a scholar she gained an overview of basket making in different parts of Norway, studied what material they were made in and learned the techniques in order to be able to pass the tradition on.

The exhibition is in the foyer on the second floor of the visitor center at Maihaugen.

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