Sofia Vusir Jansson og juletreet
Foto: Tone Iren Eggen Tømte / Maihaugen

Maihaugen's Christmas tree 2023

1. December

14. January

All day during the museum's opening hours

This year it is the Swedish artist Sofia Vusir Jansson who has decorated Maihaugen's Christmas tree. She has covered the tree with her beautiful paper flowers.

Versatile artist

Sofia is a versatile artist who works with scenography, photography and text. She is particularly invested in promoting handicraft work.

Her lovely paper flowers have become one of her trademarks. Her crafts are inspired by the Nordic cultural and historical heritage. Sofia has collaborated with the iconic interior design shop Svensk Tenn on Strandvegen in Stockholm, and she has had several collaborative projects with the Nordic Museum in the same city.

In connection with our sister museum in the east, Nordiska Museet, celebrating 150 years this year, we are proud to present a Swedish artist to decorate the Christmas tree at Maihaugen. Sofia has created a colorful and imaginative Christmas tree with roots in the Nordic Christmas tradition.

The artist lives and works in Katrineholm, Sweden. Since 2009, she has shared inspiration about lifestyle and interior design, has over 80,000 followers on Instagram and has published several books.

Buy the decorations

  • The paper flowers from the Christmas tree will be sold in the museum shop from 16 January at 11.
  • The Christmas decorations cost from NOK 250 to around NOK 500 per piece.
  • Limited edition!

Different artists

The first artist to design decorations for Maihaugen's Christmas tree was Per Spook in 2008. He decorated it with glass art. Since then the tree has been decorated by different artists and designers every year. 

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