Photo: The Norwegian Postal Museum

The Post Office's uniforms (1899–2017)

18. May

15. October

All day

An exhibition about the development of the Postal Services’ uniforms.

The Post Office’s uniforms started as tight-designed suits with shiny buttons and distinctions.   Over time they developed into practical and functional clothes. Uniforms have been, and still are, an important symbol to the Post Office. One can rather quickly recognize the business to which the uniforms belong.

The Post Office was established in 1647, and is hence one of the oldest businesses in Norway. The Postal uniforms were not launched until the end of the 1800s, due to the growth of the Post Office and the need to be more visible. From the first and until today’s uniforms the Post Office’s management has given specific guidelines on how the clothing should look. There were many considerations to be taken, such as the difference between the different work areas and positions in the service.

The exhibition is located on the second floor of the Norwegian Postal Museum.