Foto: Esben Haakenstad

Property Viewing

17. June

18. August

Every day

"Would you like to move to Maihaugen's residential area?

Inspired by various TV series from our own time, our own 'real estate agent' will try to sell you different houses from our housing area. Can we tempt you with an outdoor toilet, wood-burning stove, oil heating, window muntins, playhouse, designer furniture, panoramic view, custom-built kitchen with a refrigerator tailored for milk bottles, integrated rental unit, ornamental garden, and utility garden? Or perhaps piped cold water?

We have houses that should suit your taste. Maybe we can arrange a bidding round?

Our real estate agent conducts viewings in various houses throughout the day. Keep an eye on the bulletin board at the telephone booth in the housing area where the next viewing will be announced.

Duration: 10–15 minutes."

See the schedule of daily events in the 'What's On Calendar.