Photo: Camilla Damgård / Maihaugen

Christmas in historical houses

29. November

13. January

All day

Look through the door into Christmas decorated homes from different times.

All December you may have a peek through the door to Christmas decorated homes in the open air-museum. There is no one at home, but you get the impression that there are only out for a moment.

  • The open-hearth house from Tolstad.* Christmas in the Middle Ages.
  • Mytting.* Christmas in the 1780s.
  • The Parsonage.* Christmas in the 1780s.
  • The Pharmacist's Apartment. Christmas at the pharmacist's family in the 1890s.
  • The 1920s house. Christmas at Miss Johanne Lunde's in the 1920s.
  • The 1940s house. Christmas preparations during World War II in 1944.
  • The 1950s house. Christmas in the 1950s.
  • Queen Sonja's childhood home. Look in through the windows at the veranda and see the living room decorated for Christmas as around 1960.
  • The cabin Vy. Modern cabin Christmas in 2019.
    * Not open after 15.00.

Maihaugen's Christmas street is decorated with garlands in a spruce and lights are shining from the Christmas tree on the square.

There are also other historical homes with open doors in the open air-museum.