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Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen
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Actors and guides in the open-air museum

18. June

14. August

All day

Meet historical figures and guides in the open-air museum.

At Maihaugen you will not meet the heroes and events of the history books, but fun and inspiring insights into how life, work and everyday life were for the people who built the country through generations.

Selected houses in the open-air museum have hosts who invite you in, such as the 1990s house, Queen Sonja's Childhood Home, Garmo Stave Church, the School House and Bjørnstad Farm.

The museum farmers do traditional farm work and are happy to show what they are doing.

At Thursdays the cabin Gråhøgdbu in the Cabin Section is open with a host from the The Norwegian Trekking Association.

Tirsdag–lørdag i juli kan du se smeden i arbeid i Gaukstadsmia.

In the open-air museum there are also several other historic houses with open doors that you can look in through. You will find signs with information at several of the houses.

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