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The Post office


Foto: Norges Postmuseum

Postbiler. Maihaugen.

Post vehicles in front of The Norwegian Postal Mueum. Photo: unknown/Maihaugen.

Postteater. Audbjørn Rønning.

From a theater play summer 2015. Photo: Audbjørn Rønning/Maihaugen.


In summer you can meet the post master in the Norwegian Postal Museum. Photo: Uknown/Maihaugen.

The post office from the 1860s comprises three buildings; the main building, one for the horse carriages and an outhouse. The post office was originally made as a warehouse, but later it was panelled on the outside and the inside, and there were  living quarters upstairs and a laundry downstairs. At Maihaugen the building faces the street, and a post office from the 1950s has been recreated in the main room. A historical exhibition of the Norwegian Postal Service is found in the rest of the building.

The outhouse has a toilet, several storage rooms and a staircase. Upstairs there are a number of storage rooms. The shed for the horse carriages has been re-built at the museum to give room for one of the Postal Service’s old carriages.