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Falkenberg shop

Eksterieør Falkenberg og Avlangrud. Foto Kåre Hosar / Maihaugen

You can find special gifts in the historical Falkenberg shop. Photo: Kåre Hosar/Maihaugen.

Falkenberg utenfra

Life in the street outside Falkenberg. Photo: Maihaugen.

We have furnished one of the shops at the museum at Maihaugen with fittings from the early part of the 1900s. 

The fittings came from the original Falkenberg shop located in Jernbanegata in Lillehammer. Johan Falkenberg took over a tannery at Vingnes in Lillehammer in 1902. At the same time he opened a shop close to the railway station. Hides, skins, harnesses and shoemaker articles were traded here.

The shop was trading until 1987.


  • The Falkenberg shop was originally located in Jernbanegata in Lillehammer.
  • The shop was trading from 1902 to 1987.