Avlangrud med sykkel. Foto Kåre Hosar/Maihaugen

Avlangrud varer_Kirsi-Marja_Laiho


Avlangrud julestemning. Esben Haakenstad

Avlangrud interiør. Foto Maihaugen


H. Avlangrud grocers shop was originally located at Storgata 78 at Lillehammer. The shop specialised in “select groceries” and obtained most of the available exotic groceries for customers from near or far. Coffee was one of the specialities and this tradition has been carried on in the museum shop at Maihaugen.

The shop was established as early as 1854 by Niels Evensen. Hans Thv. Avlangrud purchased the residential development including the shop during the summer of 1912. His children and grandchildren continued to run the shop. The doors were finally closed for the last time in 1994 after 140 years.

Maihaugen took over the old shop fittings from the last owner in order to create a grocer’s shop at the museum.