Photo: Astri Ekre


Farms with simple gardens related to farm life dominate the Rural section at Maihaugen. The exception is the garden belonging to the Parsonage where you will find different kinds of herbs as well as roses and different types of flowers.  

The garden is a reconstruction of similar facilities from official gardens in Gudbrandsdalen at the end of the 18th century. The model is the terrace garden from the bailiff's garden Nordre Lunde in Fåberg, where there was a herb garden all the way back in 1770. In The residential Area, the gardens form the frame around the houses from various decades of the 20th century. Early in the century, fruit and vegetables from the villa garden were an essential part of the household. Later, the gardens primarily became a place for recreation, where people enjoy the sun, barbecue, or tend the flower beds. Maihaugen has also taken care of original plants from the gardens of the houses that have been moved to the museum. This applies to Jørstad and the gardens of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1950s houses. In The residential Area, the gardens are made partly with models in the original gardens, and partly as gardens typical of the period. At the museum, it is necessary to emphasize easy-to-maintain gardens, since no one lives in the houses and can look after the gardens as a resident would.