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Precautions for a safe visit

We are taking precautions at the museum due to the coronavirus situation.

At Maihaugen there are large outdoor areas and it is easy to keep a safe distance to others.

We follow the laws and guidelines of the health authorities and take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of infection.

Our actions:

  • No walking theaters or guided tours this summer.
  • No actors or guides inside the houses.
  • Increased cleaning and desinfection, especially on surfaces that many people touch.
  • Hand desinfection available at several spots.
  • To avoid the spread of the virus, several offers and activities are not available (playrooms, fishing rods, drawing tables, etc.).
  • Storage boxes are closed.
  • Large events have been canceled for the time being. This applies, for example, to the Maihaugen's Christmas Market.
  • Personel responsible for infection control are present at the museum at all times throughout the opening hours.

Thank you for helping:

  • Do not visit the museum if you are sick, quarantined or isolated.
  • Keep a minimum of one meter distance to other guests and those working at the museum.
  • Buy your ticket online or avoid using cash if you buy the ticket at the museum.
  • Use payment card when shopping at the Museum Shop and at our cafés.
  • Wash your hands or use desinfection by the entrance and exit of the the museum.
  • Please touch as little as possible.


Welcome to good experiences at Maihaugen!