Practical information

Maihaugen is situated within walking distance of the centre of Lillehammer and the railway station. Pedestrians can follow signs from the town past the hospital to Maihaugen.

Adress: Maihaugvegen 1, 2609 Lillehammer.

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There is a large car park on the northern side of the main building.

Parking fee is NOK 40 per day, every day at 07.00–17.00.

It is not permitted to use the parking spaces at night at 22.00–07.00, except during events.

Accessible parking

There are two parking spaces  available for visitors to the museum who have a HC card. These are located in the large parking lot north of the main building, closest to the main entrance.


There is a seperate parking lot for motorhomes next to the large parking space (signposted).

Electric vehicle charger

There are six electric vehicle chargers in the main parking lot. Charging fee and more information can be found on the charger.

Alternative parking spaces

On special events and days with many visitors, the car park north of the main building at Maihaugen may be full, but there are other parking options in the area:

  • Parking space on the other side of Maihaugveien, towards the hospital (valid during the school holiday weeks in the summer)
  • Along Bankgata
  • Parking spaces in the town center (approx. 15 minutes walk)
  • Håkon's hall (approx. 20 minutes walk)
  • The shopping center Strandtorget by the E6 highway (approx. 25 minutes walk)

Public transport

If you park at the shopping center Strandtorget, it is possible to take a bus to the city center and walk from there.

It is also possible to travel by public bus from Lillehammer Skysstasjon to a bus stop near Maihaugen. Find timetable.


Do you need a place to stay nearby Maihaugen? See recommendations on TripAdvisor.


Dogs are welcome to Maihaugen.

Dogs are welcome in the open air-museum, but you are not allowed to bring your dog into the buildings.

Assistance dogs are allowed everywhere at the museum.

In the summer season there are gracing animals in the open air-museum, some of them with kids. Thank you for showing consideration for the animals!

Dogs should be kept on a lead and we request  that you pick up after your dog.

Bicycles and scooter

Bicycles and scooters are not allowed inside the museum area. 
You will find bicycle parking at the Maihaugen car park.

Disability and access

Information for persons with disability or special needs.

We want all our visitors to have the opportunity to experience Maihaugen. If you are disabled or for any reason have special needs, information to make it easier to plan your visit is found here.

Parking area

We have one large parking area at Maihaugen. You can park in designated spaces that are signposted “HC-parkering” (parking for the disabled). We cannot guarantee free spaces for disabled persons during days with many visitors. From the parking area there is an asphalt surfaced path without stairs all the way to to the main building.  

Visitor centre

The visitor centre at Maihaugen has been designed with disabled persons in mind. The floor that you enter has a walkway suitable for wheelchairs leading to the different levels and floors. From this area you have easy access to the museum shop, Maihaugkafeen, toilets and exhibition areas. The exhibitions in the main building mainly have wide walkways and information is conveyed in easily readable text with good contrast between text and background.

Catering facilities

The catering facilities are designed with everyone in mind and the food available covers most requirements.

The Open Air Museum

Outside in the Open Air Museum the paths are in the main covered in gravel, and you will encounter some steep parts as you go around. The houses at the museum are naturally old and therefore not suitable for disabled access, but it is possible to access some of the houses via ramps if requested in advance. In the housing development area there is information available in both text and audio. The Postal Museum in the Town area is designed with disabled persons in mind. Postgården in the Town has two entrances to enable wheelchair access. There is a lift available for the exhibition on the 1st floor. Large parts of the outside areas in the Town are in the main suitable for everyone. Written information is available at the entrance of each of the houses.


Easy access to toilets suitable for wheelchair users is provided in the visitor centre. Outside in the Open Air Museum there are more toilets available, but these are not necessarily designed for wheelchair users.

Entrance tickets

Disabled persons pay the normal entrance fee, but the escort (personal assistant) does not have to pay.

Guide dogs

Dogs are normally not given access to the visitor centre. But working dogs are given access to all areas of Maihaugen.

Wheelchairs for hire

We have wheelchairs for hire at the visitor centre. We recommend that you order in advance to ensure there is one available.