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Norwegian postal museum

The Norwegian Postal Museum offers a number of exhibitions and experiences for visitors. The museum maintains a national responsibility for postal history. 

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The Town section

 Children in the Town at Maihaugen, Lillehammer

In the Town section at Maihaugen you get to experience the life in an inland town around early 1900`s. The streets, the houses and the decorations are designed to fit the actual time period. During main season you can visit the Olsen house and be brought back to 1938. You can also visit the pharmacy, the shops and the bakery. Outside of season it is a nice experience to just take a walk around the area.  

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Rural section

 Maihaugen, Lillehammer: høykjøring med hest og kjerre.

The rural section represents a large area at Maihaugen. During main season you get to experience the farming culture and meet people and animals in an environment from the 1800`s.  
You will see historical buildings from as far back as the 13th century and until the 19th century. Outide of season the area is a beatiful spot for a recreational walk.

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Guest center

 Maihaugen Besøkssenter- Lillehammer

In the guest center you can buy tickets and get information about the museum. 
You will also find the museumshop, kafé, toilettes and several exhibitions. 

Click here for opening hours and prices. 

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The residential area

 The residential area at Maihaugen, Lillehammer

In the hill above the Town section at Maihaugen you will find the residential area. Here you get to experience the development from decade to decade through the 20th century, and see how the standard of living has changed during this period.  In main season you can visit Maihaugens "inhabitants" and experience how they lived in for instance the 1950`s and the 1980`s. Outside of main season the outdoor area is a beautiful spot for a nice walk.

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The café is open all year round, during the museums opening hours. It is located in the visitor center. Here you can enjoy the lovely view to Garmo stave church and the lake Mjøsa. 


Historic shop

In the Open-air museum, in the town-section, you will find the historic shop Avlangrud. The shop is open during summer season. 


Norwegian Olympic Museum

Through interactive installations, multimedia presentations and original objects you will experience unforgettable Olympic moments.  

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Kirkestuen serves all sorts of food from waffles to traditional norwegian food. Open in the summer season.


The bakery

The bakery is a nice little cafe which is right by the train station, in the open-air museum. It is open during summer season.