Sankthans redigert uten bål Foto Tone Iren Eggen Tømte
Photo: Tone Iren Eggen Tømte / Maihaugen

Midsummer Night Celebration

23. June

18.00 - 23.00

Midsummer at Maihaugen is celebrated with music and activites for the whole family! Due to the drought, we can not have our traditional Midsummer bonfire at the lake by the mountain farms this year, but there will still be an atmospheric session there with song, music and dance as a new element!

Midsummer is one of the great events at Maihaugen throught the year. There is a lot going on in the open-air museum like concerts, dance, actors in costumes, hosts in historical houses, craftsmen doing traditional handicraft and activities for children.

The highlight of the evening is usually when the bonfire at the lake by the mountain farms is lit at 21.00. The fire service has not lifted the bonfire ban after the recent drought, and therefore there will be an alternative session by the lake with a young singer and dancers.

We recommend to bring a picnic basket and enjoy the food in our beautiful surrondings. Food and beverages are also sold in different places in the open-air-museum.

Foto: Tone Iren Eggen Tømte / Maihaugen