julemarked torget foto Caroline Strømhylden

Photo: Caroline Strømhylden / Maihaugen

Maihaugen's Christmas Market

2 and December 2023

Saturday 11.00–18.00 and Sunday 11.00–17.00

At Maihaugen's Christmas Market you can experience the good, old Christmas feeling in beautiful historical surroundings.

The Christmas market offers Christmas shopping, Christmas-decorated houses from different eras and activities for the whole family.

Sales booths

At the Christmas Market you will find a wide selection of stalls with Norwegian craft and home craft products, local food and Christmas decorations. These are high quality products perfect to bring home. Here you can find the special Christmas gifts.

Christmas decorated houses

The unique thing about Maihaugen's Christmas market is to experience how Christmas was celebrated in the past. The lights are lit in the historic houses from the Middle Ages up til today. Come in and experience Christmas as in the old days!

  • The open-hearth house from Tolstad. Christmas in the Middle Ages.
  • The Parsonage. Christmas in the 1780s.
  • The Øygarden farm. Christmas in the 1890s.
  • The Pharmacist's Apartment. Christmas at the pharmacist's family in the 1890s.
  • Hage. Christmas in the town in 1918.
  • The 1920s house. Christmas at Miss Johanne Lunde's in the 1920s.
  • The 1940s house. Christmas preparations during World War II in 1944.
  • The 1950s house. Christmas in the 1950s.
  • The cabin Vy. Modern cabin Christmas like in 2019.
  • Queen Sonja's childhood home. The house is not open, but you may look in through the windows at the veranda and see the living room decorated for Christmas as around 1960.

We recommend being here at dusk. The atmosphere when the lanterns are lit is very special.

jul olsengården baking foto Esben Haakenstad

julemarked sjokoladeeple foto Caroline Strømhylden

Julemarked jente sjokoladeeple foto Caroline Strømhylden


julemarked ponni foto Caroline Strømhylden

julemarked_Julingården_Caroline Strømhylden

Julemarked bakgård foto Caroline Strømhylden

Julemarked Falkenberg foto Caroline Strømhylden

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jul prestegården ljos Damgård

jul 1950-tallet Esben Haakenstad

Julemarked nissekor foto Caroline Strømhylden

Julemarked barn foto Caroline Strømhylden

Familiy activities

There are many fun activities for children, such as gingerbread baking, various Christmas workshops, sleigh rides, pony riding, visit the animals in the barn, candy fish ponds and nailing.

There is also Christmas carols, music, crafts and Christmas card photography.

In the visitor center you can see Maihaugen's Christmas tree which every year is decorated by an artist or designer.