It is a fantastic atmosphere when the fire is lit. Photo: Rannveig Urdahl/Maihaugen.

Midsummer Celebration

Midsummer night at Maihaugen is celebrated every year on the 23 June by lighting fires, entertainment, dancing, children’s activities, good food and lots of fun.

The evening is arranged every year in collaboration with one of the municipalities from Gudbrandsdalen. The rich cultural life in the municipality, everything from folk music clubs to domestic craft organisations, will be presented. In addition Maihaugen’s own summer offerings are at the centre.

Dansing under st.hansfeiringen på Maihaugen, Lillehammer

Good atmosphere with music and dance at Dansarvollen. Photo: Jørgen Skaug. 

Jenter med blomster i håret under Sankthansfeiringen på Maihaugen, Lillehammer.

Happy girls celebrating midsummer with wreaths of flowers in their hair. Photo: Jørgen Skaug. 

The programme for the day is published on our calendar page when the event approaches. This is also where you will find information on ticket prices and opening hours.