Barn klapper sauer over skigard på Maihaugen.
Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen

Summerjoy for children at Maihaugen

In the summer there is fun for the whole family at Maihaugen.

Look into our historical homes, go on the activity trails (only in Norwegian) and meet the animals.

The animals at Maihaugen

Many animals live at Maihaugen. We have sheep, hens, pigs, horse, cows, rabbits and more.

During the summer they are outside grazing around in the open-air museum.

Playground and playhouses

I the residential area there is fun to visit the playground. Here you will also find historical playhouses you can look into.

Balance trail

What is better than playing in the forest? Next to the mountain farms you may challange your balance skills in an exciting trail through the woods. You might see some eyes watching as you check out the trail, because the forest is where gnomes and trolls have their home.

Little Grey Fergie

At Maihaugen there are two Little Grey Fergie tractors. One is in daily use at the museum, the other one is placed at the Jørstad barnbridge and you can climb on it!

Check out our Daily program and choose "Children's Maihaugen" to see activites for children each day.

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Children by the lake watching a duck.

Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen

Children inside a telephone box at Maihaugen.

Photo: Mark Purnell / Maihaugen