Julegata på Maihaugen, Lillehammer.
The Christmas market at Maihaugen is one of the most popular events. Photo: Esben Haakenstad.

Maihaugen’s Christmas market

At the Christmas market you can experience the good old Christmas feeling. The Christmas market takes place during the first weekend of Advent and thousands of visitors come to Lillehammer.

At the Christmas market there is a workshop sale, market sale, entertainment, lots of good food and lots of activities for children. The common denominator is quality. Here you can find some special Christmas presents!

We have a well filled programme of activities during the Christmas market. You can take part in sleigh rides, horse riding, Christmas workshop, wood carving, barn visits, Christmas card photography, candle making and gingerbread baking. 
Visit houses decorated for Christmas from various periods in time, experience getting ready for Christmas like in the old days and take part in guided tours and the wandering theatre.

We guarantee that Maihaugen decorated for Christmas will give you the real Christmas feeling. 

The programmes giving an overview of the activities and exhibitors will be posted in our what is happening page when the arrangement is getting closer.

Jente selger glaserte epler på Maihaugen, Lillehammer.

Good atmosphere and loads of goodies. Photo: Øystein Nordås.

Salgsboder på Maihaugens julemarked.

More than a hundred exhibitors with exciting sales stalls. Photo: Esben Haakenstad.