An Engelsk fine lady i historic costume and an umbrella with a group of visitors.
Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen

Walking plays

Every day in the high season you may join our popular outdoor walking plays to experience history in a fun and exciting way.

During the summer there is plenty going on in the open-air museum Maihaugen at Lillehammer. Of the most popular activities are the outdoor walking plays.

This is a good way to convey past history, and contributes to making the past exciting and alive. You can take part in a way that you cannot with ordinary exhibits and tours.

The walking plays are often based on dramatic incidents, placed in a special time, and contains a mystery to be solved. During the tour we meet actors making the story real and alive.

We offer walking plays every day in the high season 15 June – 15 August.

Check out our Daily program to see what is on when you plan to visit!

A hunter with a rifle.

Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen

Wandering theatre is fun for the children. Photo: Esben Haakenstad