Alt Lundebys atelier_toppbilde
Photo: Unknown/ Maihaugen

The Lillehammer painter Alf Lundeby's atelier

21 May–13 October

All day

In the house from 1915 you can visit the atelier of the painter Alf Lundeby (1870–1961).

One of the rooms on the second floor in the 1915-house in the Residential area is set up as Alf Lundeby's atelier. He was known as one of the Lillehammer painters.

The atelieret is very similar to the original one.  You can see the long table with stains of paint. There is paint and there are pencils, his coat and his own pictures on the wall.  

Alf Lundeby in his atelier. Photo: Unknown/Maihaugen

Alt Lundeby's atelier in Casa Rosa. Photo: Unknown/Maihaugen