Environmental certification

Maihaugen is very conscious of its environment. We aim to serve the environment and take responsibility for future generations. 

Maihaugen received the Eco-Lighthouse certificate in 2012. Eco-Lighthouse is the most common certification used in Norway for the purpose of raising environmental performance to a level where it makes a difference. Eco-Lighthouse is a Norwegian, public certificate.
To obtain the certificate an environmental analysis was performed at Maihaugen. As a result of this we also had to fulfil some sector requirements.  The requirements fulfilled by Maihaugen involve the following areas:

  • Internal control of HSE
  • Working environment
  • Purchasing and material usage
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Emissions to air
  • Discharge into water:
  • Aesthetics

Maihaugen wishes to focus on environmental measures in its activities, for social, economic and market reasons. In addition to the great intrinsic value this provides, the tourist market also looks for companies that invest in the environment.