Foto: Jørgen Skaug

Midsummer Night Celebration

Midsummer at Maihaugen is celebrated with concerts, bonfire, dance, history, handicraft, activities for children and tasty food in beautiful surroundings.

Sunday 23 June

17.30 - 23.30

Ticket information

The ticket is valid the hole day from 10:00.


Bind deg en blomsterkrans! Foto: Jørgen Skaug

We recommend to bring a picnic basket and enjoy the food in our beautiful surrondings. Food and beverages are also sold in different places in the open-air-museum.

Please contact us at if you would like more information.

Vanning ved Øygarden. Foto: Jørgen Skaug

Moro på Maihaugen. Foto: Torbjørn Olsen/GD

Lillehammer, Maihaugvegen 1, Oppland
Lillehammer Museum