Daily programme



Look through the doors to historic houses

All year you find open doors to several of Maihaugen's historic houses. You can not enter, but may have a peek through the door.

Hosts in the open-air museum

Our hosts are happy to share their knowledge with you.

Grazing animals

In the summer you can see Maihaugen's animals out in the fields in the open-air museum.

The rural district as an interconnected whole

Outdoor photo exhibition on the history of the open-air museum.

Hytta – four walls around a dream

Exhibition on the cabin's role in Norwegian families, and the joys and sorrows that come with it.

We won the land

Step into the Ice Age and experience Norway's great history!


Look into authentic workshops in the Town of the open-air museum.

Fishing exhibition - Knuvel huts

Stories about buildings, tools, boats and techniques developed and used when fishing.

Mail en route

Exhibition on Norway's postal history in the post building, where you will also meet a real post master.

Balance trail

An exciting trail for children through the woods, where there might live gnomes and trolls.

Forest trail

Take a walk through the 1890s forest and learn about the woods as a resource and workplace.

Playground and playhouses

Visiting old and newer play houses are fun for both little ones and grown ups.

The museum shop

The museum shop is located in the visitor center. It is open all year.


The café at Maihaugen has beautiful views of Garmo Stave Church, the lake Mjøsa and the city.

The Norwegian Olympic Museum

Daily programme at the Olympic museum at Maihaugen.

Upcoming events

At Maihaugen's Christmas Market you can experience the good old Christmas feeling.
Lillehammer, Maihaugvegen 1, Oppland
Lillehammer Museum