Daily program 15 June – 15 August

June 15 – August 15 2019

The museum is open 10.00 – 17.00.

Open historic houses

Plays and tours

  • 12.00 Flora, fauna and flatbread. Walking play. All ages. Starting at the old School. 45 min.
  • Walk round about, Peer! Guided tour about Ibsen, Munch and Grieg’s relation to Gudbrandsdalen. 45 min. Adults. Meet at the Parsonage. 2–11 August, every day 13.15.

Activities for children

Exhibitions in the open-air museum

  • Bjørnstad – Anders Sandvig's bravest idea. Bjørnstad.
  • The atelier of the painter Alf Lundeby. 1915-house.
  • Fishing exhibition. Knuvel huts/Breisjøen.
  • Forest trail – the forest as workplace and resource.

Exhibitions in the visitor center

Shops and crafts retail

  • Maihaugen shop – in the visitor center.
  • Avlangrud – historical grocery store. Open until 15 August.
  • Weaving workshop by Ellen Strangstad. The Prison. Production and sale of handicrafts. 1–31 July, Monday–Friday.
  • Ceramist Idun Sira. The Pottery or the Åset house. Production and sale of ceramics. Open some days.

Other activities

  • Treasures on wheels. Demonstration of historical postal vehicles. Town square. Thursday – Sunday in week 27, 28, 29 and 31.

Welcome to explore Norwegian culture, history and traditions!

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Young man with fishing rod together with a fine english lady with umbrella on a bridge in beautiful surroundings at Maihaugen.

Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen

Girl in 1980s cloting with a bubble gum reading a magazine.

The teenager in the 1980s house. Photo: Jørgen Skaug

Young woman with headscarf getting water in a old zink bucket.

Photo: Esben Haakenstad / Maihaugen

Postman at a historical red postal motorcykle with side car at the Norwegian Postal Museum at Maihaugen.

Photo: Esben Haakenstad / The Norwegian Postal Museum