Foto: Jørgen Skaug

Midsummer Night Celebration

Midsummer at Maihaugen is celebrated with concerts, bonfire, dance, history, handicraft, activities for children and tasty food in beautiful surroundings.

Friday 23. June

18.00 - 23.45

Ticket information

The ticket is valid the hole day from 10:00 until 23:00

The evening is arranged every year in collaboration with one of the municipalities from Gudbrandsdalen. The rich cultural life in the municipality, everything from folk music clubs to domestic craft organisations, will be presented. In addition Maihaugen’s own summer offerings are at the centre.

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Bind deg en blomsterkrans! Foto: Jørgen Skaug

We recommend to bring a picnic basket and enjoy the food in our beautiful surrondings. Food and beverages are also sold in different places in the open-air-museum.

Utsikt fra Dalbakken i Lesja. Foto Benedikte Skarvik

Utsikt fra Dalbakken i Lesja. Foto Benedikte Skarvik

Vanning ved Øygarden. Foto: Jørgen Skaug

Moro på Maihaugen. Foto: Torbjørn Olsen/GD

Lillehammer, Maihaugvegen 1, Oppland
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