Christmas decorated street in the historical town at Maihaugen.
Photo: Bård Gundersen

Welcome to Maihaugen

Maihaugen in Lillehammer is Norway’s largest open-air museum outside of Oslo. The museum offers more than 200 buildings from different eras, superb cultural experiences, a variety of activities for children and adults, numerous exhibitions and several places to eat. 

Maihaugen is open all year and has a varied program. During summer the museum is an eldorado for children and adults with a lot of activities on the schedule.

Cultural experiences
Bring the family for common educational and cultural experiences.
Experience life like it was 200 years ago, participate in exciting walking plays and visit houses from different decades during the 1900’s. Take a walk amongst the sunburnt buildings and take a stop to watch traditional crafts and the animals that are grazing in the fields.
Exciting exhibitions of different kinds are offered all year at Maihaugen.

The cows are grazing at the mountain farms at Maihaugen, Lillehammer.

The cows are grazing at the mountain farms at Maihaugen. Photo: Jørgen Skaug

Den tidstypiske familien Olsen spiser middag i Olsengården på Maihaugen, Lillehammer.

The Olsen family at the dinner table. Photo: Mark Purnell. 

Check our calendar to see what’s happening.

Garmo stavkirke, Maihaugen, Lillehammer. Foto: Camilla Damgård

Garmo stave church at Lillehammer is located in a beautiful place by one of the small lakes at Maihaugen. Photo: Camilla Damgård/Maihaugen.