There are always several exhibitions at Maihaugen at Lillehammer. Some are permanent for many years whilst others are temporary. The exhibitions are located in the Open Air Museum and inside the visitor center. 


An exhibition on the end of life.

Photographer H. H. Lie

Gudbrandsdalen in development 1886–1918. 

Masterpieces in miniature

Be impressed by the details on the engraved stamps.

We won the land

Step into the Ice Age and experience Norway's great history! This popular exhibition portrays the everyday lives of the ...

Folk Art in Gudbrandsdalen

This is a permanent exhibition showing beautiful artefacts from the 1700s and 1800s.


Maihaugen`s founder, Anders Sandvig, was a dedicated dentist. At Maihaugen you can see an exhibition showing a dental pr ...

Fishing exhibition - Knuvel huts

Fiskevollen at Maihaugen tells stories about buildings, tools, boats and techniques developed and used when fishing.

Post on rail

"Post by Rail" can be experienced in the newly restored post carriage at Maihaugen. The exhibition provides a glimpse in ...

Mail en route

"Mail en route" is situated in the post building in the Town at Maihaugen. The exhibition is open during the period 1st ...

Maihaugen’s Christmas tree

December - January
Every year an artist or designer makes specially designed decorations for Maihaugen's Christmas tree.