Geitekillinger i fjøset.
Photo: Camilla Damgård / Maihaugen

Visit the barn

Visit the animals in the barn at Maihaugen. There are many cute little ones to meet now.

Sunday 5 May

12.00 - 14.00

During the last weeks both piglets and goat kids have been born in the barn at Jørstad.

The horse in the stable, the hens on the perch, the pig in the pigsty, the cows on the stall, goats and rabbits - everyone is waiting for the summer and while they wait they will be happy to have a visit.

In the barn you also meet the farmer who answeres your questions.

The sheep at Maihaugen are allowed to be outdoors all year long, and now there are beautiful lambs who are out on the grazing land.

In the open-air museum many of the historical houses have open doors. Also visit Maihaugen's exhibitions, the Maihaugen shop and our caf´é

Piglet, Maihaugen, Lillehammer.

Piglet at Maihaugen. Photo: Rannveig Røstad / Maihaugen

Lillehammer, Maihaugvegen 1, Oppland
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