Daily programme



A walk through hundreds of years

Join in a guided tour from the Rural section to the Town at Maihaugen.

Historic environments

Meet actors and guides in the historical houses.

Letters from the front – Dear Mother

New strong exhibition with letters written in war or captivity.

We won the land

Step into the Ice Age and experience Norway's great history!


Look into authentic workshops in the Town of the open-air museum.

Folk Art in Gudbrandsdalen

This is a permanent exhibition showing beautiful artefacts from the 1700s and 1800s.

Fishing exhibition - Knuvel huts

Stories about buildings, tools, boats and techniques developed and used when fishing.

Anders Sandvig's dental office

Maihaugen`s founder, Anders Sandvig, was a dedicated dentist.

Post on rail

Enter the train and see how post was effectively sorted here.

Balance trail

An exciting trail for children through the woods, where there might live gnomes and trolls.

Forest trail

Take a walk through the 1890s forest and learn about the woods as a resource and workplace.

Message baton - treasure hunt

Join in the treasure hunt and find the message batons in the open-air museum.

Fishing in the lake Breisjøen

Try to catch fish with a bamboo fishing rod.

Playground and playhouses

Visiting old and newer play houses are fun for both little ones and grown ups.

Writing and drawing for children

In the attic of the Norwegian Postal Museum there are fun activities for children.

Grazing animals

In the summer you can see Maihaugen's animals out in the fields in the open-air museum.

Historical shop

Our historical shop Avlangrud is open with lots of fine food.

The museum shop

The museum shop is located in the visitor center. It is open all year.

The Norwegian Olympic Museum

Daily programme at the Olympic museum at Maihaugen.

Upcoming events

Childrens Summer Day offers more than 50 fun activities for children of all ages.
Lillehammer, Maihaugvegen 1, Oppland
Lillehammer Museum

At Maihaugen's Christmas Market you can experience the good old Christmas feeling.
Lillehammer, Maihaugvegen 1, Oppland
Lillehammer Museum

At the Children's Winter Day, children of all ages can join in fun winter activities like ski jumping, cross country skiing, biathlon, sleigh rides, toboganning,...
Lillehammer, Maihaugvegen 1, Oppland
Lillehammer Museum